Helping creative projects move forward

One of the aims of the club is to help creative people and projects in the area complete interesting projects. We are putting together a panel of members and associates who, during their careers in media and the arts, have learned lessons along the way and managed to achieve what they set out to do. Or at least a variant of it – few things end up exactly as they were envisaged. The plan is still forming, but in principle, we will invite people who have a creative project already underway to come along and talk to a member, or members of our panel who can give advice, encouragement and generally help to nudge a project forward with the benefit of their experience. It’s not a pitch process, it’s a sort of creative clinic. You may well be talking to an accomplished artist, a seasoned film producer or a recorded musician but it’s not intended to be an opportunity to sell in a project. Sometimes the advice is all it takes for a project to get moving again. More details later.