What do I get for my membership fee?
The short answer is access for you and your guests and priority booking when we schedule events. It is a members’ club like any other which has been formed to cater for people who share a common interest and wish to mix with people of a like mind. In our case, it is for people who are involved or have a keen interest in the arts. If you don’t want to join but would like to come along for an event, that’s OK too, The price is a little higher but as long as it’s not a members’ only event, you are very welcome.

Is it value for money?
It’s really down to your evaluation based on how much you’d use the club, if it caters to your tastes and is the sort of place you’d enjoy. Like any club, its not for everyone. The membership fee works out at at less than £2.00 a week for a single membership and less than £1.50 per person in a couples’ membership. If you go to just one club film screening a month you have covered it. If you take a guest with you then you’ve saved even more. If you attend other events during a month like a music performance, taking a couple of guests, you’re really quids in. If you take into consideration the investment we’ve made, the money we spend on bringing in artists from the mainland and the fair prices on our bar and wine lists, we reckon you’d be hard pressed to say its not very good value.

What will take place in the club?
It will change according to the time of day and according to the feedback we receive from our members. We are keen that people bring ideas as well as enjoy others’.  We will have music by singer / songwriters, films that are a little off mainstream, classic or for which we can host a Q&A with one of its makers, spoken word, comedy and even philosophical discussions. Whatever we are scheduling, we will be providing a space to relax, meet, network and enjoy a bottle of wine, cocktail, select beers etc

Who are the members?
People of different backgrounds, ages, creative interests and career stages make up our membership. Together they create a unique and welcoming place on the Island where people can meet and see, hear and talk about things that one might otherwise have to travel further for. It’s a safe, friendly and inclusive place.

Is there an additional charge for events?
For many events, there will be no charge to members, but for some where the costs are particularly high, there may be. There may also be a charge for events that we host in association with our collaborators. For example, the films shown by Ventnor Film Society on alternate Tuesday evenings are subject to a charge by them – the royalties charged by the distribution companies are unforgiving and the Society incurs high costs per screening.  But its selections are wonderful. If there is a charge for an event we will always make it clear and keep it as low as possible.

Will the club open to non members?
Our events, unless stated as members’ only, are open to all and are promoted in the press and online . Members always have priority and pay less than non members but for such ‘open events’ non members do not need to be accompanied by a member.

How are events booked?
We will send event and other information to our members via email and post announcements on our calendar and other web pages. Tickets can be bought via our website. If it is an open event, tickets will be available on a first come first served basis after a members’ priority booking period.

Can I hire the club for a private function?
Yes. It is a great space for a cocktail receptions, wakes, meetings, talks, private screenings and more, but not for dances or an highly amplified rock band. Just contact us if you are interested in private hire and we will help to create a perfect event for you.