We’re really pleased to announce that caulkhead singer songwriter Holly will be kicking off our 2014 line up, on Saturday February 1st. We tried to book her last year but she was busy learning more about her craft at a university on the mainland. But now she is booked and we hope you come along to an enjoy an evening with her and her music.

Holly Kirby is a singer-songwriter and musician from the Isle of Wight. Her YouTube channel which she set up aged 16 in 2007, is frequently one of the most viewed musician’s sites on YouTube in the UK. In the past year much of Holly’s work has been an eclectic mix of Celtic, folk and pop music.
Her YouTube videos have received nearly two million views in total, her website has been viewed over eight hundred thousand times, and she has more than eleven thousand subscribers who are notified of each new video she produces.
Holly enjoys all sorts of music and is very open to new ideas and new sounds. She especially enjoys performing music live, and as well as appearing on TV she has played and sung before crowds ranging in size from small groups while busking through to many hundreds in concert, including playing as the support act for Joan Armatrading and Amy MacDonald.
Tickets are available now – £5 for members / £7.50 for guests. book at info@ventnorartsclub.com HollyKirby-1