Have a proper conversation

Saturday 26th 2.30 – 4.00pm
Ventnor Arts Club

This Saturday sees the beginning of a series of discussions at Ventnor Arts Club led by Lizzie Flynn, expert facilitator and ‘a woman in search of the truth’.

The sessions will be conversations stimulated by pieces of film, newspaper reports, a picture or even a piece of philosophical writing. The group then, sustained by a delicious afternoon tea, goes on to have a proper conversation about life, love and the meaning of the universe. Or it might just take a tangent and end up debating the impact of Strictly Come Dancing on the traditional Saturday night out.  Whatever turn the conversation takes it is unlikely to be small talk and it will be a certain way of getting to know and understand your co-conversationalists and where they are coming from.

The first in the series which is entitled Afternoon Antithesis will be accompanied by tea, savouries and cakes and can be booked by emailing info@ventnorartsclub.com. All are welcome, the more the merrier and more meaningful the conversation.

Members £10 guests £12.50