Isle of Arts


Next weekend we take a break from enjoying musical performances to take part in the Isle of Arts weekend. There are four events at the club from Friday to Sunday including talks, films and a mixture of both. For more information and details of where to purchase tickets for the events that we are hosting and others around Ventnor, click here.

Life in crime fiction
RC Bridgestock

Friday 19 April, 8pm, Ventnor Arts Club. £6.50

Jane Austen
Her Life & Works
Saturday 20 April, 12 noon, Ventnor Arts Club, £6.50

Town of Runners
Screening & filmmakers’ talk
Saturday 20 April, 3pm, Ventnor Arts Club. £6.50

Benjamin Britten – Peace and Conflict
Screening and filmmaker’s talk
Sunday 21 April, 3pm, Ventnor Arts Club. £6.50